Metropolitan Pavilion, New York |October 8 - 10, 2021
  • Sensory Experience

The Sensory Experience debuted to roaring success at The New York Coffee Festival in 2017, and now it's back, for the third year in a row, more exciting than ever. 

Prepare for a sensory maze containing a series of unique experiences and discover flavors designed to test your senses to the max.
The Sensory Experience is fully immersive. After a brief meditation to focus the mind and enhance the olfactory and gustatory connection, sensory leaders will guide you through a series of aromatic and tasting encounters designed to expand perception of flavor.
Over 30 minutes, in groups of six, you'll learn how to identify different flavor profiles.
The theme of 2019’s Sensory Experience was Nature or Nurture. All coffee has a story and three different authors make up this story: the grower, the roaster and the barista, but who determines if the coffee will be good or bad? Is it nature or is it nurture?
Attendees had the opportunity to explore this theme by tapping into their senses through a series of experiments. Can you tell the difference between a “good” coffee that has been roasted poorly and brewed well and a “bad” coffee that has been roasted well and brewed well?

About The Sensory Experience and F+B Therapy

Jake Leonti is the creator and producer of the Sensory Experience at The New York Coffee Festival and the founder of F+B Therapy. Jake has worked in coffee for 20 years at every level from barista, to roaster, to green coffee buyer and importer. He continues to educate, build cafes, roast and import for clients across the globe. 

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