October 7 - 9, 2022 / Metropolitan Pavilion
The Lab

Food (and coffee!) for thought.

The New York Coffee Festival’s extensive Lab Programme is designed to offer visitors an array of interactive demonstrations, workshops and tasting sessions, as well as fascinating talks and lively debates on everything from creating healthier working environments for baristas to sustainability in the coffee industry.

The Lab line-up equips you with the latest industry knowledge, cutting-edge trends and ready-to-action market insights to future proof your business.

The 2023 line-up is coming soon but here's some of our favorites from last year.


NYCF 2022 | The Lab Highlights


The Past, Present & Future of Espresso Martini hosted by Academia PATRÓN
In 2022 the World is back. And so is Espresso Martini. For over 20 years this contemporary classic sits high on the list of global cocktail charts. What makes this drink so successful? How important are the quality of the ingredients? How did the cocktail community and innovative coffee bars adapted, evolved, and transformed the recipes to make it modern and even more exciting?

Coffee Cocktails to Keep in Your Pocket (That Are Not Espresso Martini) hosted by Academia PATRÓN
The Kings lives, but others are coming. The coffee and spirits combinations go far beyond the espresso-sugar-vodka trio. Cold brew elevates many of the classic cocktail’s recipes, a touch of ground coffee in syrups brings everlasting complexity and a dash of coffee bitters in a Negroni puts this boozy libation on the next level. This lab session, led by education team of Patrón Tequila, is accompanied by tasting and will open your eyes on what brilliant things you can do with coffee and spirits together. Cold brew Paloma anyone?

A Beginner’s Guide to Tasting for Acidity  
Join the team at East One coffee in discovering the causes and significance of acidity in coffee flavor.

Mindful Morning Coffee with Jake Leonti   
Join Jake Leonti, the Cafe Guru behind the Sensory Experience, and take a moment to enjoy your favorite morning beverage on a new level. Wake up the connection between your mind, body and coffee through this unique mindful meditation combined with your morning joe. Learn the mindfulness practices and body scan practices that you can take with you to enjoy with every cup each morning. :30 minutes and you'll be ready to start your day refreshed and connected.

Meet the Bees at Bee10Coffee 
Join Bee10Coffee as they introduce the worker(bee)s that make it all happen! You'll get to try their new coffee paste that is made with 100% whole raw organic honey and concentrated coffee and learn about the creation process and how honey bee's are important for coffee pollination.

A Euphoric Psychedelic Modern Coffee Tasting Experience     
Feeling fruity? Join modcup coffee as they take you on a tasting experience like no other. Get ready to trip out with coffees that taste like Jolly Ravers, we mean ranchers!


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