Every New Feature at The New York Coffee Festival

The NYCF Team
10 July 2018


Tastings? Local and international roasters? Coffee cocktails? You bet. Add into the mix live music, incredible food, charity and competitions, and you've got The New York Coffee Festival.

We want to keep things fresh, so this year we’ve created exciting new features to discover. Check out these festival debuts below and pay a visit to some classic favorites.

Ooh La Lab

Two Labs are better than one, so we're upping our brain game by creating a whole extra Lab zone.

Take your seat in one of our two Labs and learn from leading coffee experts and thrilling panels. Engage with the latest trends and elevate your knowledge in lively, inspirational workshops. 

Whatever your level, there'll be entertaining debates, tastings and talks on everything from flavor profiling to plant-based drinks.


Espresso Martini Hype

Hitting weekend mode requires a pick-me-up. It's down time; you want something refreshing and energizing. Something well balanced, bitter-sweet and urban. 

Raise your martini glasses and refresh in Central Park at the Coffee Cocktail Bar. Mr Black is mixing up espresso martinis for Festival-goers (plus, VIPs enjoy a complimentary cocktail). 

Check out our interview with Tom Black, co-founder of the liqueur brand here


Innovation in The Village

Shopping. You either love it or you hate it, but in The Village (named after Greenwich Village) you get to meet the personalities behind the brands as you shop. 

This space is curated with small, innovative brands, from cafés, to coffee roasters, tech brands and fashion makers. 

Discover the trend-setters and get to know who's behind them. Browse quirky new gadgets, exciting coffees and more. In The Village, it's always fresh, new and charming. 


You're a (Super) VIP

There's a new ticket type in town. Super VIPs will slip into The Festival through a private priority entrance (supers don't queue) and enjoy a full three days of celebrations. 

This new ticket includes a Limited Edition New York Coffee Festival tote bag, filled with gifts from vendors worth more than price of your ticket, two coffee cocktail tokens, priority access through the VIP entrance, and The New York Coffee Guide 2019 book.


And All Your Favourites Are Back

What’s a festival without its headliners?

Cheer on your favorite baristas at Coffee Masters, our battle-style barista competition; taste unique signature drinks at The True Artisan Café returns with a stellar line up of specialty coffee roasters and cafés set to take over La Marzocco’s legendary machines and gather round for the return of the latte art legends at Latte Art Live.  You’ve seen them on Instagram, but now they’re pouring right in front of you. Be inspired, pick up tips and sip on all the coffee you can imagine.  


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