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04 October 2023
Q&A with Stephanie Jacoby
Stephanie Jacoby is the Global Brand Director (SVP) for Smirnoff and one of the leading voices in the spirits industry. Read her take on why the Espresso Martini is making such a comeback!

Why is the Espresso Martini having such a moment?

Cocktail culture is booming, so how could we not talk about the renewed love for the Martini, especially the Espresso Martini? There’s a simple elegance to the Espresso Martini that really stands out. In fact, the cocktail saw over 5.5 million searches in a 12-month period*, proving consumers’ growing love for the sophisticated and delicious drink. And with social media driving creativity and shareability of these drinks, we don’t think this trend will stop any time soon.
*Source: Google Keyword Planner search data

Why is Smirnoff Vodka the spirit of choice for the Espresso Martini?

Since 1860, Smirnoff Vodka has a history of shaking up cocktails, taking what’s been done before and reshaping it to be an even better experience. As a vibrant vodka for any occasion, Smirnoff uses its expressive flavor and crowd-pleasing versatility to elevate the classic Espresso Martini.

What’s next for Smirnoff?

We’re seeing a resurgence in cocktail culture after consumers discovered their inner mixologist during lockdowns. We know consumers are changing how they socialize, how they buy our spirits and enjoy our drinks and we’re excited to continue sharing the versatility of our spirit as the go-to in any cocktail or the playfulness of our spirit through flavor innovations .

Another trend we’ve been tracking with interest is the growth in more lively, upbeat social occasions, as people are enjoying the return to the social lives they have missed so much. This is a real opportunity for the vodka category, and Smirnoff in particular, as our drinks and flavors are perfect for these vibrant, high-energy moments.

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