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16 July 2018
Every Roaster at The New York Coffee Festival

At the heart of specialty coffee, there are the roasters.  They set the standard for craftsmanship and innovation in the community. The elements that link coffee communities at origin to the booming network of coffee drinkers here in New York City. 

In short, roasters are the rockstars of the coffee world; the experimental rebels who let you wake up to coffee at its very best.

At The New York Coffee Festival, you can expect to find the very best local micro-roasters alongside well-loved New York favourites, like Toby's Estate. Discover the coolest roasting initiatives in your community and get to know the faces behind the beans. Here's who's coming...

This page is constantly being updated as more New York roasters come on-board. 


On the Ground Floor


Toby's Estate 
This small batch roaster is located in Brooklyn, but the team travels the world sourcing coffee and celebrating its quality and complexity.

As roasters and baristas, Toby's Estate believes that each coffee tells a story through every cup.

Joe Coffee Company
One of the very first in New York to bring artisan coffee to the people, Joe Coffee Company has been around since 2003, first in the West Village and now across the city and into Philadelphia.

Joe roasts it's own coffee in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and wholesales, caters and teaches classes daily to New Yorkers thirsty for knowledge. It has also just launched its first instant specialty coffee sachets. 

East One Coffee Roasters
A coffee obsessed, diverse and hospitality based team, East One Coffee Roasters offer beans at wholesale and retail, as well as training and support. Attending The Festival with them is Rachel Walker, winner of the Coffee Art Project - London 2016. Celebrating their English heritage, she will be doing a full-sized wall mural at East One Coffee Roasters in Brooklyn, based on the theme of women in the coffee industry.

Launched in 2016 with a mission to change the way coffee is drunk around the world, Devoción is New York's number one spot to try Colombian beans.

Its coffee beans are sourced from hand-selected farms deep in Colombia’s most inaccessible zones. The beans are dry milled in Bogota, and rapidly shipped to the USA via FedEx for roasting. When you take a sip of your coffee in New York, you're sampling newly roasted, ultra-fresh coffee, breathing the mists of the Colombian campo.

Variety Coffee Roasters
The Variety Coffee Roasters family has grown over the past eight years, as has their love for the specialty coffee community.

With three cafes in New York and roastery in Brooklyn, it's all about community and incredible coffee.

Brooklyn Roasting Company

This slocal roasting company is Brooklyn through and through, celebrating its strong local character and rich coffee-roasting heritage.

Sourcing and serving sustainable coffees from the world’s most renowned growing regions, Brooklyn Roasting Company uses third-party-certified coffees in order to help guarantee a living wage for historically impoverished farmers.

Bluestone Lane
Bluestone Lane offers a refined product proposition dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee and complementary foods, delivered in an engaging way.

It is focused on creating environments where customers are immersed in the experience and leave feeling like a local. 

Coffee of Grace 
Inspired by the spirit of the Rwandan people, Grace Hightower De Niro created these coffees to celebrate and support the coffee farmers of Rwanda.

Through direct sourcing, fair trade, ethical practices and environmental stewardship, this dedication to the coffee farmers of Rwanda will allow them to create a sustainable business that can be passed from one generation to the next.

Nobletree Coffee is a unique coffee brand with two distinguished coffee farms and two mills in Brazil, a roasting facility and tasting room in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and cafés in the World Trade Center and DeKalb Market Hall.

Apes & Peacocks
The story began in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood with Underline Coffee, a small coffee shop in the shadow of The High Line Park.

Apes & Peacocks is named after the Duke Ellington suite gifted to Queen Elizabeth. The micro-roastery was born from the team behind Underline Coffee.

In The Village on the Upper Floor


Truth Coffee
"Flavor not bitterness" is the mot du jour of the Truth Coffee team. This South African roaster belongs to coffee industry heavyweight David Donde, who also judges our Coffee Masters - New York competition. 

The pursuit starts with sourcing and farm visits; micro-lots of prime green beans from the best farms, with the most dedication to their craft. Check out the beans and meet Donde himself at The Festival. 

Gotham Coffee Roasters
They worked for the original owners of Starbucks, apprenticed with Alfred Peet, led the team that brought La Marzocco espresso machines to San Francisco and co-founded Spinelli Coffee Company in San Francisco and Singapore.

After a ten year stint making wine in Napa Valley, Gotham Coffee Roasters are back in the coffee business, bringing an infusion of new talent combined with 30 plus years of experience.

Five Elephant 
Co-founded by Coffee Masters judge and New York native Kris Schackman, Five Elephant is a specialty coffee roastery and bakery from Berlin, Germany, and it's redefining the coffee scene in the progressive European city.

Stop by to say hey to Schackman and discover his latest coffees. 

Ally Coffee 
It's not a roaster, but Ally Coffee is very closely related. This speciality green coffee importing company is Brazilian through and through, with a global network of producer partners.

Committed to traceable quality in the cup, sustainable partnerships both at origin and in consuming countries, and integrated education, Ally showcases coffee from the Brazilian fazenda to the cafe.


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