Metropolitan Pavilion, New York |October 7 - 9, 2022

Enter a maze of sensorial mischief

The NYCF Team
25 September 2018

Wake up all five senses. Shed the hustle and bustle of New York City and come into your own.

With a variety of experiments derived from coffee, an updated iteration of The Sensory Experience is back. Created in partnership with Jake Leonti of F+B Therapy, this unique experience is geared to ignite all five of your senses so that you can enjoy coffee at its full, unbridled potential.

This is a flavor experience like no other. Over 35-40 minutes, groups will be led through a labyrinth of seven different spaces. First, in groups of five, visitors will enter the Decompression Room, where they will engage in a group meditation to focus their minds.
Next is the Aroma Wake Up, with a series of essential aromas from Le Nez Du Café. These are scents that are found in coffees around the world, and you’ll be challenged to connect the correct name with the correct scent.
This leads into the Organic Acids space, where a series of coffee samples featuring the three major organic acids in coffees - citric, malic and phosphoric acid. You’ll have a form at hand to trace the path the acid takes on your palette, furthering your understanding of sensory connections.

Then, the Roast ID Room will present an opportunity to try different roasting profiles. Samples of coffee from under roasted, baked and over roasted beans will be served, and you’ll be asked to figure out which is which.
Learn to taste sound in the Sound Room, where a single coffee is served to you alongside headphones, piping audio tracks meant to manipulate your taste buds. Experience how decibel levels and tonalities can affect your taste perception.
Cool off in the Tap Room, where two different cold brew coffees, each with their own distinct flavor will be served. But can you tell which is decaf and which isn’t?
Finish off in the Recompression Room, where before delving back into the caffeinated madness of The Festival, you’ll enjoy a two-minute meditation to refocus your mind for social time.
Places at The Sensory Experience will be allocated on the fourth floor outside the experience on a first come first serve basis. Each guest will receive a brochure and a pen to take notes and record their experience.

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