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19 September 2017

Opera, the future of coffee machines

Opera started with a dream, an innovative yet simple dream. A group of multinational coffee experts and professionals united to create what they deem to be the finest espresso machine ever built. These experts and professionals expressed their needs and wants, which transcended geographical and language barriers. They wanted a precise tool which would allow them to control and manage different dispensing parameters and extraction phases, to draw the best out of each multi or specific single origin coffee blend.

Sanremo built a superior team to collaborate on the creation of Opera, from the initial brainstorming until the final touches. This is a story about them, their experience, determination, and passion. Opera was born from a vision without boundaries. It has now become a reality for the world to experience.

Opera is a professional machine that gives baristas the opportunity to express themselves. The CDS (Control Delivery System), gives the barista precise control of the extraction in three phases: pre-infusion, infusion, and post-infusion taking into consideration the density and roasting of the bean.

To ensure excellence, it is absolutely necessary to use the right amount of water, per grams of ground coffee, in the portafilter. Through the measurement of the weight of coffee in the filter and the weight of the dispensed product, one can control the Brew Ratio to perfection. To achieve this, Sanremo has equipped the machine with IST (Integrated Scale Technology), a weighing system which sends data to the Central Processing Unit.

Baristas can now customise every single brew just as they desire by measuring the amount of water and controlling the quantity of ground coffee in grams used, simultaneously.

With full command over the brewing process, creating the perfect cup of coffee has never been more in your control.

Come and see Opera and Sanremo, on October 13-15, proud sponsor of The New York Coffee Festival 2017 and Coffee Masters™ NYC 2017.

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