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Indulgent, creamy deliciousness

We're heading into fall, but the weather is warm and frappuccinos still reign supreme.

But have you tried one with a kick?

For a cool coffee cocktail with a little bit more, head to booth N89 and get your hands on a Magnum Mocha.

This delectable drink combines coffee, chocolate, almond milk and banana with Magnum Cream – a luxurious liqueur created with Scotch Whisky from Speyside and real Dutch cream.

Magnum Mocha

1 1/2 cups Nobletree Fairtrade Iced Coffee
1/2 cup Pacific Foods Organic Almond Milk
2 tablespoons Organic Cacao Powder
2 Organic dates
1 Organic banana
2 cups Magnum Cream Liqueur

Combine all ingredients in a blender, add lots of ice and enjoy!
We may be heading into fall, but the weather is warm and the frappuccino is still popular.

But have you ever tried one with a little kick?
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