Metropolitan Pavilion, New York |October 7 - 9, 2022


Come and get your hands dirty with Espresso Parts

Masters of the specialty coffee universe, Espresso Parts are a dynamic team made up of baristas and coffee geeks of fortune distributing all things coffee across the globe.

At the festival

They want you to get your hands dirty by testing some of their most popular items from Espresso Parts Barista Basics Collection™, including their new line of Knockboxes, Steaming Pitchers, Rinsers and more.

In celebration of the recent addition of Slayer Espresso Machines to their catalog Espresso Parts will also be showcasing the Slayer Single Group exclusively during the festival. 

To help celebrate, they’ll have guest baristas on hand pulling espresso shots - including local boutique roasters Parlor Coffee and NJ's favorite mobile roaster Mod Cup.

So head to booth N54 and come talk coffee! 

Coffee Masters

Espresso Parts is also the official Porcelain Sponsor for the Coffee Masters Competition. Experience their porcelain collection in action as the world’s best baristas battle head to head!
Test out their new product range and enjoy espresso shots pulled by guest boutique roasters.
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