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Elixr Coffee Roasters on Winning Roast Masters

25 November 2019

Philadelphia's Elixr Coffee Roasters took home the roast masters title at the new york coffee festival. we catch up with the winners, rodrigo and evan, below.

First of all, congrats on winning Roast Masters! What went through your head when Elixr was announced as the champion?

Rodrigo: I felt pretty confident about the performance we gave and Brian's abilities as a roaster. It was a blend of emotions ranging from calm and collected to astonishment and excitement. 

What made you sign up for Roast Masters in the first place?


Evan: We are a company that loves competitons, we think that it helps everyone involved become better at their craft.  


What was the most challenging part of the competition?


Rodrigo: Personally, I went into the competition with the mentality of just having fun and giving my best at the same time. Besides nerve control, I was more in a “this is fun” mindset 

What’s next from Elixr? Your Instagram post states you’ll be releasing the winning blend soon. When and where can people get their hands on it?


Evan: We have two new cafes that will debut this year, including our first out of state shop! We are also releasing the winning coffees on our website.

The next Roast Masters competition will take place at The Milan Coffee Festival from November 29 to December 1. visit the roast masters website here to keep up-to-date on the latest news and announcements. 

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