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A Huge Throwdown is Coming to The New York Coffee Festival

The NYCF Team
04 October 2018


What good coffee-lover can resist a throwdown? From the party atmosphere, to the incredible latte art, battle-format pour-offs and MCs, there’s nothing better.


Enter The Bluestone Lane Throwdown with Compak, La Marzocco and Espresso Parts, taking over Latte Art Live on Saturday October 13 from 1.00pm-4.00pm. Don’t catch FOMO; this is a ‘need to be there’ kind of thing.

16 top baristas will compete in this high-stakes competition, hand-selected by Barista Dritan Alsela from all of the entries submitted following Bluestone Lane's social call out.

Throwdown veterans will be under pressure, with cameras, big screen TVs, and legendary judges including Bluestone Lane's Jai Lott, Barista Dritan Alsela and the machine leaders at La Marzocco.

All else aside, the prize is epic. With the winning barista set to take away $2,000 worth of prizes, including a PKR and E5 Compak Grinder, plus free Bluestone Lane coffee for one year, you can bet New York’s best latte artists will be there to compete. Bring it on!

To apply:

1. Post your best pour.
2. Follow and comment on @bluestonelanecoffee @lamarzocco @compakgrinders and @espressoparts
3. Use #bluestonelanethrowdown
4. The Top 16 will be notified by DM

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