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Compak’s New PK100 Debuts at Roast Masters

The NYCF Team
17 July 2019


As we gear up to host the first Roast Masters at the New York Coffee Festival, it’s key that we provide competitors with the best equipment on the market. They’re the top roasters in North America, after all. Enter Compak, the official coffee grinder sponsor of the competition, who will be bringing their latest model, The PK100, to the Roast Masters stage.

“The PK100 was tailor-made for Roast Masters,” says Josh Fields, US Managing Director at Compak. “The machine has an incredible ability to allow the Roaster’s skill and craft to shine through, while also being exceptionally reliable, clean and speedy on the competition stage.”

Roast Masters is no walk in the park – the roasters are under a lot of pressure and the competition is intense, which is why it’s critical to have a coffee grinder that will excel every step of the way. The PK100 can stand up to the challenge.

When it comes to the machine’s features, the PK100 is at the top of the grinder field.  Josh continues, “Through a new burr cut geometry geared towards high extraction yield brewing, flavor amplification on both espresso and filter will open up profiles that roasters never thought attainable.”

Compak Grinder pk100

In the world of grinders, it’s difficult to compete with a machine like this. Among its other many high-tech features, it has an innovative spring-loaded universal fork for hands-free grinding, an adjustable exit chute to accommodate both portafilters and different cup sizes, a static reducing clump breaker to eliminate waste and a double precision dial for an accurate grinding point. All of which promise a seamless experience for the roaster and barista.

Interested in learning more or seeing the PK100 in action? The New York Coffee Festival attendees will be able to check it out at the Brew Bar, where they can taste delicious coffee prepared by this machine and at the Roast Masters competition.   

Haven’t got your tickets yet? Get them here before it’s too late!

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