Every Sweet Treat at The New York Coffee Festival

The NYCF Team
25 July 2018


A day out calls for a sweet treat. New Yorkers have access to incredible bakeries accross the city day-in, day-out, so it's only right that we've got a selection of the best coming to The New York Coffee Festival. 

There'll be chocolate, pastries, cakes, cookies and more, from businesses local and international. Try Brooklyn-made raw chocolate and size it up against Belgium's best bars, plus, enjoy modern bakes and gluten free cakes. 

Here's what we've got lined up...

This page is constantly being updated, so check back in for more additions. 

The Good Batch
This Brooklyn modern sweets bakery has a city-wide reach, servicing over 100 New York cafés and grocers daily. Morning session ticket holders, save room for The Good Batch breakfast pastries, whilst afternoon session-goers should swing by after lunch at The Street Food Market for an array of baked goods.


Who doesn't love Belgian chocolate? For over 160 years, Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus has been an innovator. Crafted for luxurious taste and texture, Neuhaus chocolate is composed of non-GMO ingredients from the best regions of the world. 

This raw chocolate company is straight out of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Their local factory turns unroasted cocoa beans into incredible chocolate so that you can taste the wild complexity of cacao in every bite. With unparrallelled focus on sustainablity and quality, Raaka is a first-class twenty-first century chocolatier. Stop by to try their 8g mini bars, stocked in seasonal flavours. 

Patisserie Vanessa
Patisserie Vanessa's creations are available in a selection of coffee and gourmet shops in the New York area, and they are now available baked-to-order online. Taste madeleines, canneles, financiers, flans and mousses au chocolat whilst you browse The Festival.

Sans Bakery
This gluten-free bakery serves New York City with delicious free-from treats, also delivering to restaurants, cafés and homes city-wide. Enjoy doughnuts, brownies, bannana bread and more with a coffee in hand. 

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