Metropolitan Pavilion, New York |October 7 - 9, 2022


The Sweetleaf Coffee Shop Experience

We get real geeky, but we also remember that the art is knowing how to make coffee taste extraordinary. Science is what helps us repeat it.

The first Sweetleaf was opened by self-confessed coffee geek Richard Nieto and his old bandmate Al Arundel in Queens in 2008.

Since then their journey has been a fascinating one, as they quickly embraced the third wave of coffee, weighing everything, measuring everything and running their coffee shop like a lab!

They now have four locations, including their brand new roastery in Brooklyn, but remain committed to consistency and excellence.

At the festival

Sweetleaf will be bringing festival visitors the coffee shop experience – complete with pastries from their bakery – exploring the unique sweetness in coffee and how to enhance it through a variety of unusual ingredients.

Tantalise your tastebuds with Sweetleaf’s Signature Drinks, including Rocket Fuel (their chicory and maple concoction), Voodoo Child (a Vietnamese style cold brew) and Strawberry Iced Tea.

Visitors will also be able to sample Sweetleaf's Ethiopian and Colombian coffees and discover the best way to brew it themselves at home.

In the Lab

Rich Nieto will also be speaking in the Lab on Sunday, September 27 on The Science of Coffee.
Explore the unique sweetness in coffee and discover how to enhance it through a variety of unusual ingredients...
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