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Getting to grips with the Aeropress

For most coffee drinkers, brewing the coffee correctly is the most important part, especially if you’re trying to recreate that perfect cup at home.

The Aeropress is a surprisingly modern coffee maker, invented in 2005 by Alan Adler – the inventor of the Aerobie throwing ring. It's a very popular coffee maker, not least because it’s extremely portable, easy to clean and one of the quickest ways to brew coffee.

The Aeropress could almost be described as a cross between an espresso machine and a cafetiere as the water and coffee are steeped together, then pushed through a filter using a piston.

The brewed coffee produced is smooth and rich, but much less acidic and bitter than drip brewed coffee.

So how do you achieve that smooth, rich and flavorsome coffee?

  1. Insert a fresh micro-filter into the Aeropress and twist the cap onto the chamber
  2. Pour some hot water over it to rinse the paper and warm up the device
  3. Place the Aeropresss over your cup and add the coffee
  4. Boil the kettle and wait for 10-20 seconds
  5. Pour in your hot water (about 4/5 cup for 1/2 oz) and stir the coffee gently for 10 seconds
  6. Place the plunger in place and leave the coffee to brew (up to 1 minute depending on preference)
  7. Slowly push down the plunger (around 20 seconds) until all of the coffee is in the cup
  8. Draw back the plunger to avoid drips and dispose of the grounds by removing cap and pressing the plunger over the bin
  9. Rinse the rubber seal and wipe clean
  10. Enjoy your coffee!
Love coffee, but struggle to replicate it at home?

Find out how to brew the perfect espresso with The Aeropress.
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