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29 September 2023
Unveiling the Essence of Café Carrizal: Coffee, Community, and a Chance to Win Big!
Imagine the warm embrace of the Dominican sun, the soothing rustle of coffee leaves, and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air. At this year's New York Coffee Festival, Café Carrizal is not just offering you a chance to savor their exceptional coffee but is also giving you the opportunity of a lifetime – a trip to their picturesque coffee farm in the heart of the Dominican Republic.

Sustainability, Community and Education at Café Carrizal

In the highest mountains of the Caribbean, Café Carrizal, a cherished family-owned coffee farm, stands out as an extraordinary coffee producer with a solidified commitment to community and giving back. Their extraordinary coffee undergoes meticulous processing and packaging in an FDA-registered factory, owned by a nonprofit cooperative of farmers. This cooperative ensures that the farmers receive fair prices for their coffee, along with access to education, resources, equipment, and health insurance, adding extra satisfaction to every sip of coffee you take.

But Café Carrizal goes beyond crafting exceptional coffee; they've woven sustainability into their very culture, redefining the essence of an organic coffee producer. Their commitment to sustainability extends far beyond the boundaries of their farm.

Arturo Rodriguez and his father Antonio founded the village of Carrizal and its coffee farms over 100 years ago. Today, their descendants, Artur and Rafael Brisita, founded Café Carrizal to export their coffee out of the Dominican Republic for the first time. Rafael designed and helped construct the village aqueduct as well as 5 other aqueducts to provide clean water for  villages in the region. This commitment to giving back reflects in their support for education, with 5% of their profits directed towards a childhood literacy program, officially sanctioned by the Dominican Minister of Education.

Empowering Farmers and Fostering a Healthier Eco-System

Café Carrizal has an incredible passion for organic produce, so they don’t just produce coffee; they nurture it. Their coffee beans are grown without the use of harmful chemicals, and to add a touch of sweetness to the story, they keep bees on their farm that are maintained by the family, contributing to the health of our planet and their chemical-free ethos.

These bees not only enhance the quantity and quality of the coffee harvest but also support the local bee population, fostering a healthier ecosystem. The golden nectar produced by the bees is a future delight that Café Carrizal plans to bring to its customers in the not-too-distant future.

Furthermore, Café Carrizal employs sustainable mixed-farming agriculture. They cultivate not only coffee but also a diverse array of fruits, vegetables, and other goods, including cacao, alongside their coffee plants. This practice enriches the soil, provides crucial shade to coffee plants, and empowers farmers to maximize their land for both sustenance and income.

The Pioneers of Fair Wages

The coffee farm’s commitment to sustainability extends to the very hands that pick and harvest the coffee beans you drink. They've taken the lead in hiring Dominican coffee farmers and struggling Haitian migrants as coffee pickers, ensuring they receive equitable hourly pay to reflect the hard work put in by the dedicated workers. This groundbreaking practice has set a precedent for other coffee farms in the region, demonstrating that paying fair wages is not just ethical but also essential for fostering a thriving coffee community.

Join Café Carrizal at The New York Coffee Festival

Now, let's talk about the exciting raffle at Café Carrizal's booth and how you can enter! One lucky winner will have the opportunity to jet off to the Dominican Republic and experience the magic of Café Carrizal firsthand. Picture yourself strolling through lush coffee fields, learning the art of coffee production with a guided factory tour, and even trying your hand at harvesting coffee beans. It's a coffee lover's dream come true!

But wait, there's more! Café Carrizal is also offering a second prize, a coveted six-month supply of their extraordinary coffee, giving you one free bag per month to enjoy! Their third prize - a stylish Dominican-style Café Carrizal snapback cap.

Entering the raffle is as easy as sipping the perfect cup of coffee. Each bag of Café Carrizal coffee you purchase at their booth (Booth A57 in The Roasters Village) will earn you an entry into the raffle. The more bags you buy, the greater your chances of winning these incredible prizes!

So, whether you're a coffee connoisseur, an advocate for sustainability, or simply someone looking to win big, Café Carrizal is the place to be at The New York Coffee Festival. Join us in celebrating exceptional coffee, community empowerment, and the chance of a lifetime. We can't wait to share a cup of our extraordinary coffee with you and, who knows, maybe you'll be the one jetting off to our picturesque farm in the Dominican Republic!

Follow their coffee farming journey:

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