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29 September 2023
Sip by Sip: The Rise of Eight Ounce and ACME Cups in the Coffee Industry
In the coffee industry, where dedication to craftsmanship and commitment to innovation intersect, a partnership can often be the catalyst for growth and expansion into new markets. A major Canadian distributor on a mission to curate the finest coffee equipment, explore how Eight Ounce’s partnership with ACME Cups surged ACME’s expansion into the USA.

Expanding Horizons with Eight Ounce

Eight Ounce was founded in 2011 by husband-and-wife team, Jen and Wes Farnell, who were primarily selling AeroPress and KeepCups to an emerging crowd of specialty coffee baristas and home coffee enthusiasts. As the specialty coffee market continued to flourish, so did their aspirations, as they began to recognize a significant challenge faced by Canadian cafes and roasters – the difficulty of importing high-end specialty coffee brands that were readily accessible in larger countries. The logistics, import costs, and the need to purchase smaller quantities made it a cumbersome process, so they decided to step in.

Jen and Wes made it their mission to bridge this gap by importing large volumes of top-quality coffee gear while adeptly handling all the intricate import and logistics aspects. This way, they made it feasible for Canadian coffee enthusiasts to get their hands on the best coffee brands from around the globe, without the hassle and financial strain.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Reach

Twelve years on, Eight Ounce Coffee now proudly stands as the largest specialty coffee equipment distributor in Canada, a testament to the dedication of its husband-and-wife founders and their team. Now distributing to nearly four thousand cafes, roasters, hotels, kitchen stores, and lifestyle boutiques across Canada and the United States, they've made their mark on the international stage, distributing some of the most renowned names in the global specialty coffee industry. In 2021, they were awarded the connectFirst Small Business of the Year Award at the Small Business Calgary Awards Gala.

Introducing Major Brands into the USA

Since its conception, Eight Ounce has been instrumental in introducing several major brands to the US coffee market, including Porlex, supergood, Varia and ACME Cups. These brands have become respected for their excellence in the coffee industry due to their well-established partnership with Eight Ounce and its commitment to sourcing and supplying the best products available, helping them grow and expand into new markets.

Porlex: Porlex grinders are celebrated for their precision and durability. Coffee enthusiasts value their compact design and superior grinding capabilities. Eight Ounce's partnership with Porlex has allowed coffee lovers to grind their beans to perfection with ease.

ACME Cups: ACME Cups, a key player in the specialty coffee industry and a joint sponsor of The New York Coffee Festival with Eight Ounce, shares their vision for excellence. Their precision-engineered cups and saucers have become a favourite among baristas and coffee professionals and will be used across the festival in highly pressurised competitions such as Coffee Masters NYC and The Espresso State of Mind Latte Art Tournament, in addition to workshops and demonstrations being conducted at Latte Art Live. Eight Ounce's support has played a pivotal role in making ACME Cups a household name in the USA.

Powerful Partnerships: Eight Ounce & ACME Cups

In addition to their individual contributions to the world of coffee, Eight Ounce and ACME Cups have forged a powerful partnership that values the needs of industry professionals and coffee enthusiasts.

Now a leading supplier of coffee equipment and accessories, Eight Ounce have driven and supported ACME Cups on their mission to elevate the consumer coffee experience through the creation of beautiful, functional, and sustainable cups for the coffee industry. ACME’s dedication to design and craftsmanship alongside Eight Ounce’s commitment to providing the industry with the best equipment, has made their products a favourite among coffee professionals worldwide, proving to be the perfect partnership.

Eight Ounce & ACME at The New York Coffee Festival

As Eight Ounce and ACME Cups come together to sponsor The New York Coffee Festival, they bring with them a shared commitment to excellence and innovation within the coffee industry. Whether you're a coffee lover, barista, or simply someone who appreciates a great cup of coffee, you can be sure that Eight Ounce and ACME Cups are working tirelessly to enhance your coffee journey. So, make sure to stop by Coffee Masters NYC and Latte Art Live to raise your cup and toast to the perfect brew.

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