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22 September 2023
Introducing Atomo Coffee: The World's First Beanless Espresso!
The coffee industry is set for a revolution with the launch of the world’s first-ever beanless espresso, brought to you by Atomo. A result of years of dedicated research, meticulous testing, and groundbreaking innovation, this is a moment in coffee history you won't want to miss.
All the tradition, none of the beans. Atomo brings the same 28 compounds found in traditional coffee but sourced from widely available natural and upcycled ingredients. It’s a roasted, superfood, sustainable approach to great tasting coffee that is lower in acidity, high in antioxidants, with a clean caffeine experience. Brewed by coffee fanatics, our beanless blend delivers exceptional taste in a premium espresso to deliver everything you love about your morning cup.

For centuries, coffee beans have been the heart and soul of every cup of espresso. However, with increasing environmental challenges, fluctuating prices, and the relentless pursuit for the perfect cup, we are here to present a solution for coffee lovers and their increased demand over time.

Coffee consumption worldwide is growing faster than the coffee growing output will be capable of supplying. Atomo helps offset the decrease in traditional coffee production caused by changing climate conditions that are forcing much of the coffee industry to expand their growing areas which leads to deforestation and increased water consumption.  By offering an alternative planet friendly coffee solution, Atomo™ created a new way for the world to keep enjoying the beverage we all love. All you have to do is sip.

Follow their journey as they pave the way for beanless coffee.

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