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27 September 2023
Brewing a Sustainable Future with ePac Flexible Packaging
Founded in 2016, ePac Flexible Packaging was created with a mission to provide packaged goods companies with the ability to grow with great packaging, boosting consumer engagement while decreasing environmental impact. Today, ePac has launched game changing coffee packaging and, ePac Connect to help roasters all around the world tell the story of their coffee through technology.

A shift in coffee culture

Once upon a time, coffee was just a morning ritual, and consumers paid little heed to its origins. A quick stop at the local coffee shop sufficed, and the source of those aromatic beans was of little concern. But the landscape of coffee consumption has dramatically evolved.

Since the rise in awareness of global warming, climate change, fair trade and locally sourced, today’s modern consumer is no longer passive; actively seeking knowledge about the origins and journey of the ingredients they consume.

And this shift extends beyond just the coffee itself. An increasing number of coffee shops are now expanding their menus to offer food, aiming to be a one-stop shop for consumers on-the-go. But customers increasingly want to be reassured about where their ingredients are coming from. Are they connected to fairtrade? Have they been locally sourced? Are the funds they’re paying going towards charity? Questions that in today's society, consumers expect to have answered.

The ePac solution

ePac Flexible Packaging recognized this growing demand for transparency and accountability and decided they had to help roasters address this need. They introduced a modern solution – a scannable QR code on coffee packaging that demonstrates the journey of their coffee beans and helps roasters connect with their consumers.

Through this QR code, consumers can trace the origins of the roaster's coffee beans, access batch information, verify fair labor practices on farms, and much more. ePac Flexible Packaging is helping roasters cut through the greenwashing and set themselves apart by using technology to substantiate the claims of their coffee, proving why their product is superior.

A commitment to giving back

ePac Flexible Packaging doesn't stop at innovating packaging solutions, they are also deeply committed to giving back to the community. Having worked alongside charities like Project Waterfall at events like The New York Coffee Festival, ePac Flexible Packaging are constantly striving to bring clean water, sanitation, and education to coffee-growing communities.

ePac set themselves an ambitious target to raise over $25,000 for Project Waterfall this year, showing their true dedication and commitment to bringing clean water to coffee growing regions. As it stands, they have raised over $20,345 on Project Waterfall’s behalf this year, with more expected to come in before the start of 2024.

Epac Flexible Packaging at The New York Coffee Festival

Make sure to catch their talk at The Lab on the importance of track and trace when it comes to coffee. Additionally, visit their booth (A49) at The New York Coffee Festival to explore their packaging solutions in more detail.

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