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29 September 2022
vnlla Extract Co. to showcase sustainable vanilla and rare coffee from Madagascar
At this year’s NY Coffee Festival, vnlla Extract Co. will be showcasing its range of sustainable Madagascar vanilla products along with rare freshly roasted Madagascar Arabica coffee beans to sample. 
vnlla will be offering two vanilla focused seasonal lattes in partnership with César Vega, the founder of New York-based roaster Café Integral.  
These delicious lattes include: 

·       Spiced Vanilla Butter Rum Latte, made with vnlla Vanilla Extract + Spice 
·       Vanilla Gingersnap Latte, made with vnlla Vanilla Extract + Orange  
In addition to offering two types of seasonal lattes, vnlla will also be offering samples of Madagascar Arabica coffee beans from the Itasy region of Madagascar. These beans were grown by some of vnlla’s partner farmers. Though coffee is a staple crop in Madagascar, most coffee is the Robusta variety and is consumed locally and rarely exported.

César and his team at Café Integral have roasted these limited-edition beans for festival goers to take home. This medium roasted coffee is said to have tasting notes of tropical citrus, cedar box, and cacao nibs. 
vnlla’s story starts in the SAVA region of Madagascar, where 80% of the world’s production of vanilla beans is grown. The company partners with over 7,000 farmers across 84 villages to sustainably source vanilla, ensuring that it’s traceable and of premium quality – year after year. 
The brand works with local farmers and partners with NGOs to go beyond securing a sustainable supply chain, helping farmers and local communities improve cultivation practices that include training in crop diversification (including coffee) and soil management. By helping farmers maintain their plots year-round and grow a wider range of crops, vnlla can help them improve their financial security. 

The full line of products from the vnlla Extract Co. includes Pure Vanilla Extract, Madagascar Grade A vanilla beans, and Vanilla Extract + Flavor blends. Vanilla pairs wonderfully with coffee and is the backbone of many latte, creamer, syrups, and baked good recipes. The flavor series takes Pure Vanilla Extract and blends it with other extracts, including Lemon, Orange, or Spice to add a whole new dimension to warm or cold coffee beverages and syrups. All of vnlla’s products are available in both consumer and wholesale sizes for convenience.  
To learn more about vnlla Extract Co, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.  
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