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22 September 2022
When simplicity speaks of excellence - Tempesta by Barista Attitude
A dream machine, come true, for any espresso artist. Ideal for those who want to experiment and explore.
The new addition to Barista Attitude, Tempesta, is elegant and at the same time futuristic. A truly revolutionary machine that has already won over Specialty Coffee professionals and promises to unite baristas and users in a unique dialogue about espresso coffee.

This product reflects Barista Attitude's authentic philosophy of enhancing the creative aspect of extraction. 
Easy and intuitive, Tempesta was created to break down the barriers between baristas and customers, bringing them closer at the moment of extraction. Thanks to the touch screen interface, all details can be viewed at all times. In this way, users become part of the action and professionals share and replicate data, saving it quickly and easily. 

This also helps to keep everything under control during the process, make the work flow smoother and, of course, be at ease to continuously open new frontiers for experimentation.

Tempesta is not only about technological excellence but also design excellence. Its shape, dedicated to interaction, is streamlined and ergonomic, designed to be simple yet extremely high performance.

The structure of the machine is an integral part of its philosophy, representing the union between mind and heart, between high technology and the creativity of individual baristas. It is the common thread between art and its application. 
All of this is the result of the meticulous work carried out by Barista Attitude in recent years. The support of a long experience in this field has allowed these machines to reach high levels of excellence in the sector very quickly.

Their manifesto speaks of the espresso machine as a place, rather than an object. An agora where space and imagination are combined, where people meet and doors open. Not just a ritual but a real eye into the world.

Guided by these cornerstones, Tempesta continues its intense journey into the realm of Specialty Coffee. It breaks classic moulds while revolutionising rules and pushing boundaries.

About Barista Attitude

Barista Attitude is a young brand, but its history begins far away thanks to the group from which it was born, an important and established reality in the world of coffee. Born in Italy, powered by CMA's technical knowledge, Barista Attitude started as a collaborative project between internal and external stakeholders.

Tempesta harmoniously blends manufacturing knowledge, barista expertise and operator experience, resulting in a very intuitive, workflow friendly range of espresso machines and grinders ideal for specialty shops and roasters.
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