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13 September 2022
Fiorenzato’s story truly unique
Passion, entrepreneurial vision and a never-ending quest for excellence are the ingredients which make Fiorenzato’s story truly unique.
A story began 86 years ago, near Venice, when Pietro Fiorenzato, after learning the trade in a mechanical workshop, has decided to open his own factory. Over the years the company has grown and Fiorenzato brand has become well known throughout the world.

Technology has always been the company’s vocation, anticipating the market needs and to establishing itself with cutting-edge models and solutions for every coffee grinding need of professional baristas.
PRO Line, XGi and AllGround are the flagship products of the company, coffee grinders with high technological innovation.
The PRO Line is an optional that can be added on all Fiorenzato grinder models and consists of an innovation that is as simple as it is ingenious: a quick-release removable chamber, giving you easier and quicker access to the grinding spaces
There’s no need to remove the adjustment ring nut to carry out routine cleaning, replace burrs or remove foreign objects that might cause the motor to jam: simply release the two clips on the sides of the grinder and remove the grinding chamber. Easier maintenance without losing the grinding point, resulting in up to 50% less retention than standard models.
XGi is a patented technology, a grinder-doser that allows you to set the exact quantity of coffee dispensed just once, calculated in grams and guaranteeing perfect dosing at all times.
Thanks to the load cell located in the bottom of XGi coffee grinders and a software that records and processes the data, every single dose of blend always contains the exact amount of coffee required, resulting in a perfect cup of coffee every time.
The other latest product, launched in 2021, is AllGround, a new high-performance coffee grinder for the domestic channel and the Specialty Coffee world. A coffee grinder that ensures maximum yield and enhancement of the aromatic notes of coffee, thanks to the instant grinding tailored for espresso, moka and filter.

At the core of AllGround is an intuitive design that simplifies the coffee-grinding process, whether you’re making a filter, an espresso, or prepping granules for a Moka pot. A die-cast aluminium body boasts a sleek and attractive design available in a range of seven harmonious and refined colors.
You can discover and try Fiorenzato coffee grinders at the New York Coffee Festival, the booth is located on the first floor in front of the Coffee Master stage.
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