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04 October 2022
Guatemalan Coffees: Transforming the Future of Coffee Together
Discover what makes Guatemalan Coffees so special and what is being done to lead the coffee industry with a thoughtful and innovative approach that benefits everyone involved in the coffee supply chain.  
All Guatemalan Coffees develop a delicious aroma, bright acidity, consistent body, and delicate sweetness. The international coffee industry, the specialized market actors, roasters, and importers recognize its quality, due to the successful regionalization and promotion strategy that the Guatemalan National Coffee Association (Anacafé) has implemented in the last 25 years with the traditional Guatemalan Coffees brand.
Today, it was time to innovate and reinvent, seeking a strategy and image that occupies a distinctive place in the minds of consumers.
This strategy stems from the search for alternatives to improve the income of over 125,000 coffee producers and their families in Guatemala and benefit the entire coffee supply chain in the country. With this, increase the international consumption of Guatemalan Coffees in a long term and sustainable way.
Anacafé identified the unique and human position that Guatemalan Coffees can have, through a relevant, appropriate, and differentiated coffee brand.


The new Guatemalan Coffees logo has the icon of a Jaguar that represents life, strength, and power. The jaguar is also a symbol of excellence that reflects an agile and daring spirit.
The advertising pieces reflect the essence of a place to discover. Guatemala is a country with great challenges, but it is full of color and passion. Guatemalans dare to be authentic and are driven by the strength of an ancient culture.
So, with this campaign we invite you and everyone to create a community and work in an inclusive manner, from producers to consumers, for the future of Guatemalan Coffees.
Roasters, importers, baristas, coffee lovers, we look forward to seeing you in our Lab session 17:15 on Saturday, October 8 and together celebrate NYC´s specialty coffee scene!

To find out more about Guatemalan Coffees you can visit their website here of follow them on Instagram or Facebook.
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