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28 September 2018
From the Andes and Sierra Nevada: Colombian Coffee in New York


Meet Café de Colombia, pioneering quality coffee and sustainable practices in Colombia since 1927.

Around 550,000 coffee growing families. 3,000,000 direct and indirect jobs. 100% handpicked and fresh coffee all year round. Café de Colombia is the name given to 100% washed Arabica coffee grown in the coffee regions of Colombia.


Hailing from three mountain ranges - the Eastern, Central and Western Andes - as well as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta by the Caribbean, these beans have been cultivated in some of the most incredible coffee growing areas in the world. It’s because of these myriad different altitudes, latitudes, topographies, soils and micro-climates, that an array of diverse and unique coffees are available all year round.


Café de Colombia is more than just the highest quality of Arabica beans, though. It’s a culmination of passion and hard work, with hundreds of thousands of coffee growing families involved. 944 worldwide brands carry the 100% Colombian Coffee logo, reinforcing Colombian coffee growers' commitments to quality, flavor and aroma.
Colombian coffee is known for its smoothness, with a medium-to-high acidity and body, and a pronounced and complete aroma. With 45% of Colombian coffee farms being members of formal sustainability programmes, and more on their way, Café de Colombia also keeps environmental and social wellbeing as a top priority.
This initiative began in 1927, when local coffee growers founded The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) to represent their interests nationally and globally. Throughout the years, their work has sought to strengthen common interests within coffee growing communities while positioning Café de Colombia as the benchmark for sustainability in the coffee world.
Café de Colombia is supporting The Lab at The New York Coffee Festival. Don’t miss the talk by Café de Colombia’s CEO, Juan Orduz.

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