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18 September 2018
Five coffee stops in Bushwick & Surrounding

Featuring the Northern part of Brooklyn, Bushwick is fast becoming one of the most sought after neighborhoods. Spilling over from trendy Williamsburg, cafes, restaurants and boutiques are all finding new spots to feature their expanding retail offerings. With neighboring Bedford-Stuyvesant expanding from Bushwick this area now has a lot to
be desired. 

Here are five great coffee shop picks.

Blue Bottle Coffee (Bushwick)
The magic of Blue Bottle is their ability to take all the care and science of ‘fourth wave coffee’ and combine it with an ease and flow of service, shifting it into the realm of the day-to-day and allowing moments of transcendence over a morning coffee. From morning to mid-afternoon, Blue Bottle’s largest café yet churns to the rhythms of aproned baristas grinding beans for espresso, tapping pitchers of steamed milk, and pulling rich shots of coffee. A background hum of beans being poured, rotated and roasted fills the air with a tantalising aroma of the freshest coffee. Take a seat and watch the whole process on display through a sweeping back window. Why not deviate from the espresso menu and try a fragrant pour over and add a freshly made waffle if you’re feeling indulgent. This ultra-modern and minimalist location provides space for the mind in a sensory utopia.

Little Skips
Little Skips is a total neighborhood haunt, with a clientele of young artists and intellectuals who sit and work for hours. Come join in and sip on a nice espresso while finishing your latest book. Or just sit back and enjoy their quality coffees from Counter Culture in this laid-back shop. Little Skips also offers freshly prepared sandwiches, great vegan treats and cool tunes.

Milk & Pull Ridgewood
This Ridgewood outpost of Milk & Pull brings well-made coffee to this burgeoning neighborhood. The menu features coffee from Portland star roaster Stumptown with espressos and cold brew, a standard for serious cafés today. They prepare fresh sandwiches and bagels and offer a nice variety of local baked goods. Exposed brick and natural wood make up the bright, airy place that features large tables spread leisurely apart, allowing for plenty of space to sit and relax.

Sey Coffee
Sey Coffee is the epitome of what a Brooklyn coffee shop should be; an open, relaxed, and inviting space in which excellent coffee can be found. The café is delightful, spacious and modern, accented with dozens of potted plants and a large garage door that is thrown open in the summer months. Look up and you’ll see a cascade of greenery framed in the dappled sun from the skylight above. The coffee is roasted in a facility directly behind their shop, meaning it’s served exactly as the roasters intended it to be. The meticulous baristas ensure that everything, from an espresso to a latte, is treated with care and attention, providing a wonderful drinking experience. Whether you’re here with friends or settling down with your laptop, this space provides a perfect atmosphere is positive tranquillity. Needless to Sey, this place is a must-visit for any coffee-loving New Yorker.

Variety Coffee Roasters Bushwick
Any place where you can play Ms Pac Man on a real arcade table has got to be legendary, and this big Variety flagship boasts exactly that. But it’s not all fun and games here, as plenty of people sit and work. The décor is dominated by white paint, dark wood and exposed brick. The coffee offering is Variety’s usual high-class stuff, brewed by experts using beans roasted at the back of the room. Service is swift and friendly, and you can get plenty of sound advice about what to drink.

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