October 7 - 9, 2022 / Metropolitan Pavilion
15 September 2017
2017 Coffee Masters NYC Contenders

Contenders announced for coffee masters nyc 

The time has come - the Final 16 are here! Take a look at their signature cocktail videos and get excited to see them compete at the festival!

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2017 Contenders

Name: Agnieszka Rojewska
Representing: Rojes
From: Poland



Name: Anson Goodge
Representing: Ozone Coffee Roasters



Name: Christos Andrews
Representing: Ghost Note Coffee
From: USA



Name: Dylan Siemens
Representing: Onyx Coffee Lab 
From: USA



Name: Erika Lee Vonie
Representing: Variety Coffee Roasters
From: USA



Name: Janis Podins
Representing: The Coffee Collective
From: Denmark



Name: Jimmy Dimitrov
Representing: Clifton Coffee Roasters
From: UK



Name: Justin Lacher
Representing: Intelligentsia
From: usa



Name: Kasey Headley
Representing: Evocation Coffee
From: USA



Name: Omar Maagaard Hossain
Representing:Brownsville Roasters
From: USA



Name: Pip Zebrowan
From: USA



Name: Reef Bessette
Representing: Saint Frank Coffee
From: USA



Name: Rie Hanao
Representing: Koppi
From: Sweden



Name: Rob Clarijs
Representing: Beanspire
From: Netherlands



Name: Shinsaku Fukayama
Representing: St Ali
From: Australia



Name: Varvara Stukalo
Representing: Coffee Mania
From: Russian



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