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12 October 2017
What is a Tim Tam?


It's a biscuit!

You no longer have to travel 10,000 miles for a Tim Tam, the beloved Australian biscuit! Tim Tam has made its way to US shelves this year and the response couldn’t be better. An Aussie staple for more than 45 years, the chocolatey, crunchy, creamy treats are so much more than cookies, because technically they’re biscuits!
A true food icon in its homeland and a hit with A-list Aussie celebrities, Tim Tam is here to make 2017 tastier. Boasting a combination of three perfectly proportioned layers, only Tim Tam delivers such mouthwatering goodness for an everyday treat. The delicate chocolatey top coat covers a captivatingly smooth cream filling center and two layers of surrounding crunchy biscuits make for an all-consuming sensory experience. Tim Tam biscuits come in four decadent varieties; Original, Classic Dark, Chewy Caramel, and Dark Mint at major supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.
A Tim Tam can be enjoyed any way and any time you want, but in Australia, the ritual serve, or the Tim Tam Slam is considered one of the best ways to enjoy the treat. Simply take a Tim Tam, bite off two diagonal corners, hold the Tim Tam like a chocolatey straw and dip the end in your hot drink, suck the drink through the Tim Tam until some of it reaches your mouth and then carefully but quickly eat the biscuit! Who said you shouldn’t play with your food? Not Tim Tam!
Love Tim Tam Biscuits but always on the go? Love Tim Tam Biscuits but always eat too many? Well, when it comes to the chocolatey treats there’s no such thing as too many, but Tim Tam is helping to solve all of your biscuit needs with the brand new single serve pack. Now, you can grab an individually wrapped single Tim Tam and head out the door. 

The Tim Tam single serve will debut at The New York Coffee Festival on October 13, grab yours while you can! 

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