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15 September 2016
Putting a Pretty Face on Your Latte

by  Rattleware®

'Latte art, the process of glamming up one’s latte in a variety of foamy forms, was developed in our fair and caffeinated city of Seattle in the 1980s, and popularized by David Schomer, fellow Seattleite and friend of Rattleware®.

Utilizing this expertly frothed 'velvet foam,' baristas from across the world have competed for the honor of being the best milk painters around. As our relationship with David goes way back, so does our relationship with promoting the coffee arts. From cowboy coffee pour-overs to summers of cold brew to the delicate crema of well-drawn espresso, our goal remains the same: the perfect cup of coffee.

That perfect cup comes in many different forms. It can be as austere as a paper to-go cup, or as lavish as the decorated latte, illustrated with flowers or hearts or even something more elaborate. Your lattes can look this beautiful too, with the help of a few experts.

As the Barista Tools Exclusive Sponsor of new Latte Art Live zone, we invite you to watch the world’s best latte artists do their thing in our Rattleware® Latte art pitchers, as well as participate in hands-on workshops to learn from the Picassos of milk froth. Equipment is key to creating the ideal texture needed for making these art formations. The tapered spout on our pitchers allow you to really get into the drink as you pour and push the foam into art.

Our Milk to Perfection® Latte Art Pitcher, as the name suggests, can make anyone a latte art pro from day one. The unique design features a central steel tube that that enables the appropriate milk circulation for creating perfectly textured foam.

Come by and learn how to make these drinkable works of art for yourself!

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