Metropolitan Pavilion | October 13 - 15, 2017
  • The True Artisan Café

Are you a true coffee artisan? Or a coffee aficionado?

Either way, come and be inspired by New York’s best cafés and roasters as they deliver coffee with a difference at La Marzocco’s True Artisan Café.
La Marzocco will be hosting two bars each inspired by the Italian coffee machine maker’s café and showroom, based in Seattle.

Watch, sample and party on down with a line-up of top baristas who’ll be creating unique menus especially for festival goers.

Here's last year's program:


13.45pm-15.45pm: Intelligentsa Coffee & Pulley Collective


 9.45am-11.30am: Stumptown Coffee RoastersLa Colombe

11.45am-1.15pm: Parlor Coffee & Irving Farm

13.30pm-15.00pm: Coffee Labs & Supercrown Coffee Roasters

15.15pm-4.45pm: Thirdrail Coffee & Gotham Coffee Roasters


 9.45am-11.30am: Ceremony Coffee Roasters & George Howell Coffee

11.45am-1.30pm: Ninth Street Espresso & Square One Coffee

13.30pm-15.30pm: Greenstreet Coffee Roasters

Then, why not try your hand at pulling, steaming, pouring and serving at La Marzocco’s Home Experience Bar? Complete with four work stations, two Linea Minis, two GS3s, some Lux-D grinders and Acaia Scales, this interactive area has everything you could possibly need to perfect your home barista skills.


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