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After a successful launch in 2017, The New York Coffee Festival will be featuring the Sensory Experience again in 2018. Be prepared for a sensory maze containing a series of unique experiences that will introduce participants to various features designed to test their senses to the max.
Stepping into the Sensory Experience, visitors will drop all distractions at the door. After a brief meditation to focus the mind and enhance the olfactory and gustatory connection, highly experienced sensory leaders will guide participants through a series of aromatic and tasting encounters designed to expand perception.
In groups of 6, these 30-minute tours will heighten senses and teach visitors how to identify different flavor profiles.
The guided sensory experiences are as follow….
Experience: Cacao
Visitors will be shown chocolate's journey from nib to liquor, explore the origin of chocolate and experience different complimenting blends. Participants will be introduced to the mixture of coffee and chocolate as they are guided through the similarities and differences between the two.
James Beard Award winning Chef Johnny Iuzzini will provide the bean to bar chocolate experience with a master talk interview at the conclusion of the experience.
Experience: Barrel Aged
The process of aging is centered around chemical reactions that enhance the flavors of the product. Participants will be invited to sample a variety of coffees aged in different ways. Variations include green coffee from Guatemala and Rwanda aged in Chardonnay barrels, green coffee from Peru aged in Caribbean rum barrels and cold brew coffee aged in bourbon whiskey barrels. The different aging processes highlight varying tasting notes in each coffee and participants will learn how to identify these flavors and ways to enhance them.
Experience: Grains
This experience was designed to introduce participants to the tasting exercises utilized in the Q Grader test (explained here). Visitors will have the opportunity to taste the acid components that grain incorporates and then test their skills at the 'Roast ID Tasting.' The experience will end with a bread tasting from different unique grains.
Experience: Espresso
The Espresso Experience is geared for the espresso lover and aficionado. Visitors will have a chance to taste the effect of pump pressure, pre-infusion time and recipes on multiple espressos. It finishes with a shot of barrel aged espresso and an affogato made with ice cream from a local shop.

Experiences conclude with a Master Talk given by an expert in the field. Guests speakers include Johnny Iuzzini, Laila Ghambari, George Howell and more.

Click here to view the full 2017 Lab schedule.

2017 Schedule


2pm – 4pm: Experience: Cacao
4pm: Master Talk: Johnny Iuzzini 
5pm – 7pm: Experience: Grains


9.30am – 11.30pm: Experience: Cacao
11.30am: Master Talk: George Howell & Jeff Taylor, PT's Coffee
12.30 – 2.30pm: Experience: Barrel Aged
2.30pm: Master Talk: Josh Pickens, The Wandering Baker
3.30pm – 5.30pm: Experience: Espresso


9.30am – 12pm: Experience: Cacao
12pm: Master Talk: Laila Ghambari, Cherry Street Public House
1pm – 3.30pm: Experience: Barrel Aged


The Sensory Experience is hosted in partnership with F+B Therapy.
F+B Therapy not only provides training and quality control for hundreds of cafes, restaurants and roasting companies but is also promotes and teaches enhanced sensory and barista techniques through mindfulness and meditation.

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