Metropolitan Pavilion | October 12 - 14, 2018
  • Latte Art Live

A crowd favorite is back. 

Featuring some of the world’s best latte artists, this experiential area enabled visitors to take part in 30 minute hands-on workshops and demonstrations to learn the techniques and skills needed to create jaw-dropping masterpieces.

Get ready to be the judge

Visitors didn't miss out on exciting throw downs! Audiences saw professional baristas go head-to-head and were able to cast their vote on who they think performed the best.

Hands-on learning

Festival goers were able to try their hand at crafting beautiful latte art. Professional baristas shared their expertise as they lead visitors to texture, steam and pour their latte art masterpieces. The ever changing schedule meant that visitors were able to stop back throughout the festival and learn different trade secrets each session!

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