Metropolitan Pavilion, New York |October 8 - 10, 2021
  • Latte Art Live


You’ve seen them on Instagram, and now they are at work right in front of you. Phoenix, rosetta or swan; you name it, the legends will pour it.

Latte Art Live is back, with the world’s best baristas set to pour the unimaginable with the help of La Marzocco, Almond Breeze, Battenkill ValleyMahlkonig and Bluestone LaneExpect a series of throw downs, showcases and hands-on workshops at The New York Coffee Festival.

Here's what will go down: 

Witness incredible throwdowns
Cheer on your favourite baristas in epic throwdowns at the legendary Latte Art Live area. New York's top baristas will compete for massive prizes and you'll see latte art you never thought possible. NYCF 2019 also hosted the 2019 Latte Art East Coast Championship hosted by Bluestone Lane.

Try your hand at latte art
Take part in 35-minute hands-on workshops where the pros will teach you the techniques and skills behind jaw-dropping latte art. With a rotating cast of baristas, pop back as many times as you like to learn different skill sets, from colored latte art to flying phoenixes. 

Join the judging panel
If you've never seen the pros go head-to-head in a big throwdown before, now is the time. The baristas will bring charisma, showmanship and entertainment to the stage in these high-octane throwdowns, and it's YOU who votes at the end to determine the champion. 

2021 Programme coming soon.

Check out the 2019 schedule below!



11.30am | Advanced Latte Art Principles and In-foam-ation – Emilee Bryant, Everyman Espresso

12.15 | Breezey Masters Latte Art World Series: Warm-Up Skills – Almond Breeze

12.45 | Breezey Masters Latte Art World Series: The US Heats – Almond Breeze

3.00pm | Form and Technique: First Step Before Pouring – Espresso State of Mind

3.45pm | Latte Art with Vegan Milk – Ujae Lee and Christina Lee

4.30pm | Up the Heat: Latte Art Demo – Tulian Sanchez, Frisson Espresso

5.15pm | Latte Art H.O.R.S.E – TNT


10.00am | Mastering Milks: How to Steam Alternative Milk & Dairy – Espresso State of Mind

10.45am | Latte Art Pro-Am – TNT

11.30am | Latte Art: The Basics – Ujae Lee and Christina Lee

12.15pm | 2019 Latte Art East Coast Championship – Bluestone Lane

3.30pm | Breezey Masters Latte Art World Series: Warm-Up Skills – Almond Breeze

4.00pm | Breezey Masters Latte Art World Series: The US Heats – Almond Breeze


10.00am | Monarch of The Hill – TNT

10.45am | Latte Art Smarts! – Emilee Bryant, Everyman Espresso

11.30am | Steaming and Dreaming: An Intro to Latte Art – Jenna Gotthelf, Counter Culture Coffee

12.15pm | Breezey Masters Latte Art World Series: Warm-Up Skills Session – Almond Breeze

12.45pm | Breezey Masters Latte Art World Series: The Finals – Almond Breeze

3.00pm | Non-Barista Throwdown – Espresso State of Mind

3.45pm | Ujae vs. Christina: Professional vs. Novice – Ujae Lee and Christina Lee

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