October 7 - 9, 2022 / Metropolitan Pavilion
Brew Bar

Immerse yourself in incredible coffee from home and away with the World Roaster Takeover Series at the Brew Bar.

Specialty roasters from US favorites to international legends host take-over sessions showcasing their most exciting single origins and blends.  The Brew Bar is a place of discovery, where the baristas and roasters behind the world's most experimental beans will serve coffee at its very best.

Explore the flavor profiles of different origins and roasting techniques; quiz the roasters on the stories behind the beans and the baristas on their favored brewing methods to expand your coffee knowledge.

2022 Programme coming soon.

Check out the 2019 line-up of roasters below.

NYCF 2019 - Friday

11.00am | Elixr Coffee Roasters, Pennsylvania, USA

11.45am | Joe Coffee Company, New York, USA

12.30pm | Mad Lab Coffee Roasters, California, USA

1.15pm | East One Coffee Roasters, New York, USA

2.00pm | Brooklyn Roasting Company, New York, USA

2.45pm | Café Integral, New York, USA

3.30pm | ByGood Coffee, New York, USA

4.15pm | Harken Coffee, British Colombia, CAN

5.00pm | Round K Coffee Roasters, New York, USA

NYCF 2019 - Saturday

9.45am | Black Oak Coffee Roasters, California, USA

10.30am | 3 Baristas Coffee Roasters, Florida, USA

11.15am | Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters, New York, USA

12.00pm | Partners Coffee, New York, USA

12.45pm | Bolt Coffee Company, Rhode Island, USA

1.30pm | Cognoscenti Coffee, California, USA

2.15pm | Rosso Specialty Coffee, Florida, USA

3.00pm | Coffee Express Roasting Company, Michigan, USA

3.45pm | Bonlife Coffee, Tennessee, USA

4.30pm | Spectrum Coffees, New York, USA

5.15pm | Red Whale Coffee, California, USA

NYCF 2019 - Sunday

9.45am | Intelligentsia Coffee, USA

11.45am | Nguyen Coffee Supply, New York, USA

12.30pm | Red Rooster Coffee, Virginia, USA

1.15pm | Oceana Coffee Roasters, Florida, USA

2.00pm | Pop Coffee Works, Ontario, CAN

2.45 | Brewing Freestyle



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