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Latte Art Live: ESOM
Watch 32 baristas go head-to-head in a battle of skills and technical abilities across a series of rounds, where only one will emerge victorious to win the $1,000 grand prize. With three world-class judges on the panel and rounds featuring matcha, oat milk and dairy milk, cheer on your favourite baristas as they create latte art you never thought possible.

2023 Competitors

@Flowzbymatty - Cafe Zoey - Matty Mellini
@Hyarista - Coffee Project NY - Hyacinth-Rosalinda Rios
@Camilo_Nativus - Nativus Coffee - Camilo Sanchez
@Chofis - Coffee Project NY - Andres Nunez
@Maxiethebarista - Cafecito Hour - Maxie De Los Santos
@DQFlook - Coffee project NY - Piyapat Lapteerawut
@TomTroyc - La Cabra - Troy Chuai
@Thismaxexists - La Cabra - Maksym Petrov
@Nah_ima_stay - Honest Coffee Roasters - Geo Navarrete
@Wilmar.jra - Coffee Project NY - Wilmar Rodriguez
@Antmelon - Kookaburra Coffee Company - Anthony Longo
@Nexpresso.barista - Blue Stone Lane - Nestor Viayrada
@Radityarahim - Jakote Coffee Shop - Raditya Susanto RAHIM
@Darth_Roast - Home Barista - Shawn Rene
@Baconeggndcheez - Arabica USA - Hernan Hernandez
@Charlesmater - A Baked Joint - Charles Mater
@Marcodimacs - Park Coffee Bar - Marco Dimaculangan
@Coffeebydre - Coffee Project NY - Andres Morales
@yuzinu - Home Barista - Eugene Moon
@Tulian_the_barista - Frisson Espresso - Tulian Sanchez
@Robthebarista - Frisson Espresso - Robert Melo
@Coffeeterps - Climbing Wolf - Justin Spencer Colombani
@Madtitanthanos - Espresso State of Mind - Thanos Richard
@Dhmonzon_5 - Mongos Coffee Roasters - Marquis Hernandez
@Foreverfatality - Felix Roasting Company - Sam Weisman
@danny.machiats - Sole Cafe NYC - Daniel Mentado
@Thaliawhy - Home Barista - Thalia Torres
@Immaculate_artistry - Exemplar Aristry - Proph Alarcon
@Cakefiltration - Elm Roastery - Vincent Chen
@Jinwoo_ahn93 - Grumpy Coffee - Jinwoo Ahn
@Lordraichuu - intelligentsia Coffee - Jhonathan F Mayor
@One_moh_pour - Chateau Le Woof - Mohsin Uddin

The Route to Victory

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