October 7 - 9, 2022 / Metropolitan Pavilion
Coffee Masters NYC Signature Drinks
Waste Not, Want Not

The cherry on top of the cake! The Signature Drinks are the highlight of Coffee Masters.

Baristas will need to replicate and present the same Signature Drink as per their online submission video. A signature drink is a mixed beverage consisting of three or more ingredients, as long as they are safe and legal to use.
The competitors will present three identical drinks to the judges and will be judged on taste, creativity, consistency and presentation.

This year's theme: Waste Not, Want Not

Want to see what our contestants are brewing up? Let's take a look...


Abner Roldan-Rivera
Representing: Cafe Comunion
From: Puerto Rico
Instagram: @abnerroldan

Alejandro Griffin-Diaz
Representing: Jacob Alejandro
From: Guatemala
Instagram: @ja.coffeeculture & @baristaonthestreets
Casey Wilson
Representing: Boxcar Coffee Roasters
From: USA
Instagram: @caseywlsn
Davide Orazi
Representing: WatchHouse
From: Italy/UK
Instagram: @davideoraz
Francesco Luminati Tonelli
Representing: Likuid Element & Carasau Cafe
From: USA
Instagram: @frankie_l_t
Jenna Gotthelf
Representing: Counter Culture Coffee
From: USA
Instagram: @Jennahhhhhhhhh
Josh Trathen
Representing: Independent
From: UK
Instagram: @josh_james_trathen
Kasey Headley
Representing: Voltage Coffee Project
From: USA
Instagram: @birdieandbrew
Meg Skop
Representing: Independent
From: USA
Instagram: @coffeewithmeg_
Mitchell Celicious
Representing: The Coffee Movement
From: USA
Rastislav "Rasty" Kasár
Representing: Four Boroughs
From: Slovakia / UK
Instagram: @kasar_rastislav
Reef Bessette
Representing: The Coffee Movement
From: USA
Instagram: @Reefractometer


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