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Focus On: Roast Masters Competition Kit

07 October 2019

the best roasters require the best equipment and ingredients.

At Roast Masters™, in one of the disciplines, competitors are tasked with making six coffees in just 10 minutes. This isn't an easy feat, even for some of the top roasters in the country! But to help them compete to the best of their abilities, we've equiped them with the best technology and ingredients on the market.

When it comes to equipment, competitors will be using the Sanremo Cafe Racer 2-Group Espresso Machine, along with the Compak PKF Espresso Grinder and Compak PK100 Filter Grinder to grind to perfection.

For the coffee, the roasters can count on Armenia Coffee. Armenia worked with a coop called P.T. Ketiara to source a coffee specifically for the event, called Ketiara Ipak Gayo, hailing from the Gayo Highlands of Indonesia. To learn more about the coffee, click here.

Competitors will also have Battenkill Creamery dairy milk and Silk Oat Yeah plant-based milk on hand, and a selection of porcelain from ACME&Co for the presentation.

With all these incredible contibutors, plus some of the world’s most reknowned roasters, the Roast Masters competition is one to watch. 

Tickets are still available for purchase here!

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