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This is One Hot Cold Brew

25 August 2017

seasonal flavors? Read on to discover your new favorite summer drink. 


Organic, fair-trade, additive free and sugar free, Rise Brewing Co.'s nitro cold brew coffee is taking New York by storm. Their delicious nitro cold brew coffee is the result of passion, dedication and experimentation.

The infusion of nitrogen in cold brew acts as a natural preservative and the beverage keeps its delicious flavour for over five months. In addition to this, the nitrogen creates a creamy flavour and the elegant cascading effect means that it’s not half bad to look at either.

1 in 4 Americans drink cold brew year-round, and through their authenticity and organic ingredients, Rise Brewing Co. has definitely become one of the leading brands across the USA.

For those who like their coffee with a twist, Rise Brewing Co. is proud to announce their new seasonal flavors: nitro lemonade coffee and nitro blood orange coffee! Co-founder Jarrett McGovern describes this new invention as “a perfect extension of the nitro cold brew coffee category because it gives consumers a new way to enjoy RISE's coffee in a refreshing Arnold-Palmer-like brew that they can have at any time of day." We’re sold.


To taste RISE's seasonal nitro coffees yourself, come and visit their booth at the New York Coffee Festival on October 13-15. It’ll be brrrriliant!

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