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Portable Brewing for Portable Coffee

Living in the modern world can be hectic and intense and sometimes getting hold of a good cup of coffee can be extremely tricky.

The Cafflano Klassic could be the answer to your prayers.

A simple, portable system for remote pourover brewing, the Cafflano Klassic consists of a tumbler, reusable drip filter, foldaway hand-mill ceramic burr grinder and a cover that also acts as a drip kettle.

The only other things you need are hot water and coffee!

How to use the Cafflano Klassic:

  1. Place 15-20g of whole coffee beans into the hand-mill grinder and start to grind.
  2. Remove the grinder.
  3. Start brewing with the drip kettle.
  4. Remove the filter dripper.
  5. Place the cover on top to form a lid and enjoy!

To see the Cafflano Klassic in action (and to try it for yourself) stop by booth N25 at the festival for a chat.
The Cafflano Klassic is a simple, portable system for remote pourover brewing.

Find out how to use this device to make great coffee on the go.
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