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Coffee under pressure

As humans, the first taste sensation we develop is sweet.

While this is not immediately associated with coffee, many people would argue that all coffee should be sweet, after all coffee is a fruit and its seeds – the coffee beans – are naturally sweet.

La Cimbali has been making commercial coffee machines since 1912 and know that coffee sweetness and other hidden flavors can be unlocked through the amount of pressure and the point during the brewing cycle at which the pressure is applied.

At the Festival

Experience the effect that precise pressure profiling has on that cup of espresso – highlighting flavor characteristics and balancing sweetness.

La Cimbali have invited several guest roasters, including Aroma Espresso Bar, Small World Coffee Roasters and BPM Roasters to join them at their booth.

The baristas will be pulling shots from La Cimbali's M100 espresso machine and the Faema E61 legend which span the decades and represent both classic and current models.
Find out how coffee reacts under pressure to unlock its natural - and often forgotten - sweetness. 
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